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8 Unexpected Items That are Washing Machine Safe

Did you know there are several unexpected items in your house that are washing machine safe? How nasty would it be to never clean items like mop heads or bath mats?

Imagine this,

You just get out of the shower all clean, and then you step on your mildew ridden bath mat. Or worse, you step on the bathroom floor where germs were spread around using that uncleaned mop.

But enough of the horror stories, let’s see what items can be thrown in the washer.

1. Car Mats

Carpet car mats can be washed in your washing machine as long as they are not too big. They are sure to come out looking cleaner than ever with an added bounce.

2. Patio Cushions

Patio seat cushions can get very dirty as dust settles on them over time. When cleaning them in a washing machine, it is important to put the setting at cold with a gentle cycle. Before using them again, make sure the cushions are air dried to prevent any bacteria or mildew from forming.

3. Reusable Mop Heads

Probably the filthiest item on this list, mop heads need to be cleaned more than anything. If you don’t clean them, you are essentially just wiping germs around on your floor. Unlike patio cushions, you will want to set the washing machine to hot, and you will want to throw them in the dryer as well. Be sure to put them in the dryer alone, as the mop head could get ruined with other items.

4. Bath Mats

Just like mop head, you will want to wash bath mats with a hot cycle and throw them in the dryer. However when putting mats in the dryer, use a tumble dry and allow them to air dry finish. Using the dryer will restore the bath mats fluff.

5. Shoes

Shoes are one thing everyone wants to look clean because they accent the outfits we wear. No one wants a pair of shoes that look like an oil rag. Shoes that can be washed in a washing machine include canvas, sheepskin, and some suede (see shoe tag). For shoes, you will want to add towels to the load to minimize the shoes from banging around in the washer. Do not put shoes in the drier, simple allow them to air dry.

6. Curtains

Traditional fabric curtains can be cleaned in the washing machine with cold water on a delicate cycle. This also applies to laced curtains, however, it is recommended that they be placed in a mesh bag first. Do not put heavy or velvet curtains in the washing machine.

7. Shower Curtain Liners

Shower curtain liners can get laden with grime and soap scum over time, so it is a good idea to wash them once or twice a year. To wash them, place them in the washing machine with towels to prevent them from tearing. Also, add OxiClean or baking soda to help remove the soap scum.

8. Pet Items

Pet items like beds and stuffed toys tend to get dirty with slobber and dirt over time. Many beds come with a removable cover that makes washing very easy. If your pet bed does not have a removable cover, it is recommended to wash them on a delicate cycle. To dry these beds, simply place them in the dryer for 10-15 minutes and then let them air dry the rest of the way.


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