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5 Simple DIY Home Décor Ideas

Decorating your home can be fun and add life to your home. But it can also become expensive, so we came up with 5 Do-It-Yourself home décor ideas that are simple, cheap, and chic!


Print Art

For this DIY, simply choose your favorite photo and have it blown up at a photo shop. After you have your blown up photo, attach a strip of wood to the top and bottom as a makeshift border. And voila, you have a beautiful piece of art to hang in the den or guest room.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great way to add character to a kitchen setting. For this project all you will need are a stylish bowl set, power cords, light bulbs, and snippers. Simply cut out a hole at the bottom of the bowls to run the power cord through and screw in your light bulbs. There are several ways to fasten the pendants to the ceiling including anchors.

Pillow Pocket

Probably the simplest DIY on our list is the pillow pocket. Not only does it look decorative but it serves a valuable purpose, holding things like TV remotes. All you need to do is find a pocket design you like and sew it onto you pillows.

Shutter Table

For a more rustic look, find some old worn shutters to make a cute end table. You will need 4 wood shutters (same size), 8 art canvas stretchers, 16 screws, and 1 piece of glass for the top.

Shoe Bench

Want a chic bench to tie shoes and add character to the room? Simply attach hairpin legs to a laminated shelf and now you have a shoe bench.

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