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Reasons to Consider a Home Warranty

Many new homeowners are bombarded with advertisements for various home care services. These services can range from alarm systems to lawn care. And although many of these services are beneficial it really depends on an individual’s situation and whether or not they want to dish out money for something that they can do themselves.

When it comes to home repairs most of us think we are Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from Home Improvement, when the reality is we are more like “Homer Simpson”.

The truth is, it isn’t the small repairs that take the most time and money, it’s the big ones. That is when a homeowner can benefit from a home warranty.

So what is a home warranty and why is it beneficial?

A home warranty covers the repairs of items like appliances, plumbing, electrical, and central heating and air. However, unlike homeowners insurance, it does not cover things like water damage or a leaky roof.


One of the most popular reasons homeowners have a home warranty is because of the convenience. This is especially true of those who work long hours or have a long commute. There are only so many hours in a day and some repairs can’t wait till the weekend without getting worse. You don’t need to be home while the repairs are made as long as someone 18 years or older is present.

Cost Saving

Calling a plumber or electrician during an emergency is bound to cost the homeowner hundreds maybe thousands of dollars depending on the problem. With a home warranty the homeowner pays a monthly fee and a deductible for service. With a warranty there are no labor or part costs which can save the home owner hundreds in repairs each year. If a water heater goes out for example, the cost of the water heater alone will be roughly $500-$1000, and labor will be a few hundred. The same situation with a home warranty will only cost the amount of the deductible.

Professional Repair

The fact that a professional is making the repairs on your busted valve or AC unit is sometimes overlooked. There is nothing wrong with do handiwork yourself, but when it comes to a large repair it is even more crucial that the repairs are made correctly than when the faucet is a little leaky. When repairs are made incorrectly, it can lead to other problems in the future.

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