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6 Benefits to Living in the Big City

Last week we discussed the benefits of suburban living. But let’s face it, not everyone wants to live in the burbs and instead prefer to live where the action happens. So it’s only natural that we explore the pros of city life


1) Career Opportunities

With more than 244,000 businesses, LA County is the 19th largest economy in the world! That means there are plenty of opportunities for work. This also includes volunteer work and education opportunities presenting a unique chance to learn, grow, and develop personal and work skills.


2) Convenience

No one gets up in the morning and says, “I can’t wait to sit in traffic for hours.” Living in the city means you won’t have to sit in traffic if you utilize public transportation. Most cities have subways and rail systems at a relatively low cost. The metro in LA for example only costs $1.75 with 2 free transfers. With so many amenities on every block, many people could just walk in the city, meaning you wont spend as much on gas.


3) Restaurants and Shopping

Restaurants and stores in the city are as easy to find as a stain on a white shirt. There are even designated districts for certain types of shopping in most cities such as a fashion district. Just as there are high end fashion stores, you can also expect to find many small artisan and boutique shops throughout the city. Likewise, you can shop at a grocery store chain or visit a local farmers market. Restaurants will range between mom and pop shops to exotic cuisine from your favorite countries.


4) Entertainment

Want to see a live show or see a traveling museum exhibit? Not a problem in the city. Many cities are filled with more than one museum, theater, and comedy clubs. If you are 21, then living in the city must seem like paradise with the variety of clubs and bars. Breweries, whiskey lounges, and speakeasies are just a few of the variations offered. And if you live in a city along the coast, you have the added benefit of being close to the beach.


5) Rich Culture

As mentioned before, you are certain to find various museums through the city whether it be relics from the ancient world to modern art. With the amount of people living in the city comes various cultural backgrounds filled with exotic stores, cuisine, and entertainment. Stepping into the various districts of a city will give you the sense of step into another country entirely. The various smells and sights are sure to stimulate your senses. A personal favorite of mine is to visit Little Tokyo to eat Mochi and visit the local Anime store


6) Easier to Socialize

With thousands and millions of individuals living in the city, the social potential for meeting friends and networking is virtually limitless. City life presents a unique opportunity to meet others in the same field of work and those who have the same personal interests. Whether it is the arts, sports, occupationally related, people from all walks of life can be found at the local coffee shop or the lobby of an apartment building.

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