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On this site you will find options to take your Mortgage Banking Career to the next level of success! At Home Funding Corp we believe that service, integrity, and efficiency, are the staple points of success in business. Navigate through this site and find out what opportunities Home Funding Corp has to offer.

Home Funding Corp is a full service, privately held Mortgage Banker. HFC is approved with FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA, and a multitude of other conduits in the secondary market. We only sell to the end user and use no pass throughs. All deals are funded in house. Home Funding Corp is licensed in CA, NV, WA,  AK, CO, and LA. We are a progressive company that is committed to assisting our clients with Real Estate financing to achieve their short and long term goals. Home Funding Corp offers an immense product list to help our Mortgage Bankers provide programs to their clients. HFC is a FHA fully endorsed Direct Lender, supports VA products, has LAPP authority, USDA, and approves and funds FNMA and FHLMC transactions.

Home Funding Corp is funding loans on the average of 16 days! The key to our success is an incredible fine-tuned in house funding staff, our ability to offer competitive pricing, an extensive product mix, and innovative technology solutions. Our attention to detail and quality service keeps our Mortgage Loan Originators satisfied and propels their Mortgage Banking Careers to the next level by increasing their production.

John and Sam Lomen, the company’s founders, have over 25 years’ experience in the Mortgage Industry. John Lomen acts as company CEO, while Sam Lomen is head of Operations. They have a passion for the business and are vertically integrated in all aspects of the company. Their vision is evident throughout the company and how it’s run. They know what Mortgage Bankers need to succeed, because they were Mortgage Bankers themselves. Together they have a “Get the Deal Done” mentality which has translated to a working team that takes pride in their efficient, timely, and courteous service. This is the company to push your Mortgage Banking Career to the next level.

When Working with Home Funding Corp, this is what you can expect:

  • An In House Funding Staff takes pride in their efficient, timely, and courteous service.
  • Constant communication and fast answers.
  • Loan Products that are developed with today’s unique financing needs in mind.
  • Flexible and Aggressive Compensation Plan.
  • Weekly Payroll (available only in CA)
  • 24 Hour UW turn times.
  • TBD Underwriting- Submit to UW for approval.
  • Un-paralleled support/Deal Desk that helps find solutions for you on those tough deals and answer your questions quickly and efficiently.
  • Cutting edge technology, fully automated systems, that are exceptionally user-friendly.
  • In house Corporate Counsel to make sure all business is compliant.
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